Tourist route of the Manor in Krasnoyarsk

Tourist route through the manors in Krasnoyarsk
  • Length

    The total length of the route along the manors in Krasnoyarsk is about 10 km

  • Destination

    Manor in Krasnoyarsk

  • Travel time

    When walking along the route, without taking into account the time for inspection, the total travel time is about 2 hours

The presented route includes visiting of manors in Krasnoyarsk, described in this project. The route starts from the public transport stop "Organ Hall". From the stop to the first punt on the route along the al. Gorky, 9 - about 300 meters on foot. Further follow the route described in the diagrams.




The final point of the route is Yudina Manor.
The route can be pedestrian as well as public transport.

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