Tourist route Krasnoyarsk - Yeniseysk

The Assumption Church and the Raboche-Krestianskoi Street in Yeniseysk
  • Length

    The length of the route is 340 km.

  • Destination

    Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yenisei District, Yeniseisk

  • Travel time

    Travel time by road 5 hours 20 minutes

City Yeniseysk

Yeniseysk, the oldest city in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, was founded in 1619 and since its foundation the most important trade center in Siberia. Today, Yeniseysk has become the only city in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in which the greatest number of monuments of architecture, the 18th-19th centuries, have been preserved.
The city of Yeniseisk is one of the most interesting cities in Siberia today, where you can see Siberian manors of various purposes and devices. It was in Yeniseysk that the oldest merchants' estates, built by gold miners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, were preserved.
The oldest part of Yeniseysk has been preserved almost in its original form and allows us to trace the most interesting landmarks in the history of Siberia. The historical center of the city of Yeniseysk is included in the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage.
How to get to Yeniseisk from Krasnoyarsk
To get from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseysk is possible in several popular ways
1. Intercity bus
Daily from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseisk several bus intercity flights are made. The cost of the bus ticket is about 900 rubles. The journey time is from 6 hours 20 minutes, depending on the route number. The number of the route to Yeniseisk is 519. Departure time and itinerary should be specified when buying tickets.
In Yeniseisk, buses arrive at the bus station of Yeniseysk, which is located in the central part of the city. The address of the bus station in Yeniseisk Raboche-Peasant, 86 / ul. Babkina, 13.
Detailed information on the schedule of the buses can be found on the website of the bus station in Krasnoyarsk.
2. By car.
The distance along the road from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseysk is 340 km. Total travel time by car is at least 5 hours. The route from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseisk passes through the territory of the Suhobuzimsky, Bolsheurtinsky, Kazachinsky, Lesosibirsk districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Most of the road is located in picturesque places with a unique natural landscape, a considerable part of the road runs along the Yenisei River.
On the way there are several places to stop with gas stations, food points and public toilets. Upon arrival in Yeniseisk, the traveler will have to settle in the hotel, and the sightseeing of the city should be postponed until the next morning.
3. By train
There is no railway connection between Krasnoyarsk and Yeniseysk, the nearest passenger station to Yeniseisk is in Lesosibirsk, 30 km away. from Yeniseisk.
At the time of writing, the railway communication with Lesosibirsk was suspended. More details about this method of getting to Yeniseisk should be specified on the railway website.
4. According to the Yenisei
In summer, during navigation to Yeniseisk from Krasnoyarsk you can get by river transport. Schedule and prices for tickets must be found on the Yenisei River Shipping Company website during the summer period.
Hotels in Yeniseysk.
In Yeniseysk there are about 5 hotels of different price category. Two of them are located in the immediate vicinity of Lenin Street. Here are the addresses of some of them.
1. Street. Lenin, 133
2. Ul. Petrovsky, 4
These hotels are located within walking distance from the estate complexes in Yeniseysk, presented in this project.

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