Tourist route Krasnoyarsk - Achinsk

Historical buildings along Lenin street in Achinsk
  • Length

    The length of the route is 170 km.

  • Destination

    Russia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Achinsk District, Achinsk

  • Travel time

    Travel time by car at least 2 hours 20 minutes

Achinsk City

The first Achinsk prison was erected in September 1683 as a protective for the Tomsk district prison. It was built by Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk "servicemen". At the beginning of the XIX century Achinsk became a county town of the Yenisei province and gained the function of an important transport center on the way from Siberia to the western part of Russia. These same functions increased significantly after the construction of the railway at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.
Nowadays, Achinsk is the third largest city in the Krasnoyarsk Territory with a developed transport infrastructure and a population of more than 100 thousand people.
The historical part of Achinsk is located along Lenin Street, and includes several blocks of preserved buildings. In addition, in the oldest part of Achinsk there are several merchant's estates thanks to which the city, at least partially, has preserved its historical appearance.

How to get to Achinsk from Krasnoyarsk

You can get from Krasnoyarsk to Achinsk in several public ways
1. Intercity bus
Daily from Krasnoyarsk to Achinsk several bus intercity flights are made. The ticket for the bus is just over 400 rubles. The journey time is from 3 hours 20 minutes, depending on the route number. The route number to Achinsk is 511. The time of departure and the itinerary should be specified when buying tickets.
In Achinsk, buses arrive at the bus station of the town of Azybinka, which is located in the old part of the city at the station square at the address: Station number 15B. Here is the railway station Achinsk.
Detailed information on the schedule of the buses can be found on the website of the bus station in Krasnoyarsk.
2. By car.
The distance from Krasnoyarsk to Achinsk is 170 km. Total travel time by car is at least 2 hours and 20 minutes. The route from Krasnoyarsk to Achinsk passes through the territory of Berezovsky, Emelyanovsk, Kozul, Achinsk districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Most of the road is located in picturesque places with a unique natural landscape.
On the way there are several places to stop with gas stations, food points and public toilets. Upon arrival in Achinsk, the traveler will have to settle in the hotel, and the city's sightseeing should be postponed until the next morning.
Upon arrival in Achinsk, the traveler will have to settle in the hotel, and the inspection of the estates should be postponed until the next morning.
3. By train
Several trains are sent daily from Krasnoyarsk to Achinsk. The journey time is about 11 hours, the ticket price is from 1700 rubles. In Minusinsk, trains from Krasnoyarsk arrive at the railway station of Minusinsk, which is located 12 km from the city. The bus station in Minusinsk can be reached by bus or taxi. The fare will have to be checked on the spot.

Hotels in Achinsk.

In Achinsk there are more than 10 hotels of different price category. Two of them are located in close proximity to Lenin Street - Novaya Krepost Hotel on ul. Krupskaya, 28 and minihotel Gostiny Dvor, on the street. Krasnoyarsk, 25. These hotels are located within walking distance from the estate complexes in Achinsk, presented in this project.

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